full service Design process

Neutral Bathroom

Design fee is based on an hourly rate of $100/hour.

Minimum design fee is $1,000 and will vary based on the complexity of the project, square footage, number of rooms, and the client's needs.


Step 1

You will complete the short Full Service Design Questionnaire (link is at the bottom, "Let's Get Started"). The more information you provide, the better we'll be able to understand you and your project needs, budget, and style.

Step 2 

Once you complete the questionnaire, we will contact you for a quick phone call and to schedule an in-home consultation. During the consultation, we want to learn more about your project and overall style, how you live in the space, what colors and styles you love and what you want to avoid.

Step 3

After the in-home consultation, we’ll provide a formal proposal that is unique to your needs, budget, and timeline. The proposal will also include an estimated number of hours required to complete your interior design project.

step 4

We’ll return to your home to take measurements and “before” photos so we can get started on planning your space. This day is also a good opportunity to meet with any trades people to help get you bids. After this day, we will have a good understanding of your home, and will execute a floor plan and conceptional design.

Step 5

Once the conceptional design is solidified, we will design your home with every last detail in mind - from paint colors, flooring, furniture, and accessories. During the presentation, we’ll discuss floor plans, finishes, and furnishings with you. These step may be broken up into more than one meeting depending on the scope of work.

Step 6

Once the design is approved, we will begin placing orders for the materials and/or furnishings.