E-Design process

Gender Neutral Nursery, Bookshelf

E-Design starts at $300 and will vary based on the complexity of the project, square footage, number of rooms, and the client's needs.


Step 1

You will complete the short E-Design Service Questionnaire (link is at the bottom, "Let's Get Started"). The more information you provide, the better we'll be able to understand you and your project needs, budget, and style. You'll also need to provide 3 photos of each space you'd like designed as well as a basic floor plan with measurements. 

Step 2 

Once you complete the questionnaire, you'll be directed on how to purchase your E-Design Service. Design does not begin until payment is received. 

Step 3

You should expect to receive a preliminary mood (concept) board within one week after payment is received. This is to help serve as an inspiration for the style, color palette, and overall feeling for the space. It is not intended to be the actual products for your home. You'll be able to provide feedback at this time. Once we agree on the overall design direction, we'll work on the design board for your home.

step 4

You'll receive a design board within one week of the mood board confirmation along with a suggested floor plan. Again, you'll be able to provide feedback at that time. You may request up to 2 revisions to be made.

Anytime you send an email with questions or feedback, you will receive a response within 1 business day (Monday - Friday).

We will have up to 30 days to complete the design from the time you purchased your package and completed the questionnaire. 

Step 5

Once the design is complete, you'll receive: 

  • The final design board/plan

  • The suggested floor plan

  • A personalized shopping list with links to purchase